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Introduction of the Galasko Ltd.

Galasko Ltd. deals with the static control of existing buildings and design of new halls, water-tanks and special steel structures. The speciality of our firm is form finding, static control and producing of cutting patterns of textile structures (by computer).

The efficiency of our (activity) work can be proven by several swimming pools, beer tents, tennis halls and other tents in Hungary and abroad as well. Our biggest venture is the design of the (passenger halls) arrival lounge of Hurghada Airport (Egypt). The total area of it is above 5300 m2. We designed its reinforcement concrete foundations (1365 m3) and steel structures (70 tons). We worked on the Children's Museum of Cleveland (USA), Recreation Center of Sotchi (Russia) and Shadow tents at the United Arab Emirates too.

If you would like to know a little more about us, then call us by phone (+ 36 1 319 0517) or send us E-mail.
Thank you for your attention.

Anna Kolossváry

Dr. Gyula Galaskó Ph.D.

Msc. Civil Engineer

Msc. Civil Engineer

      mobil : +36 70 266 7598    
1112 Budapest, Bodajk u. 16.


    mobil : +36 70 238 0029    

Manager of Galaskó Ltd

Photos, demonstrating our tents.

Our new firm name is Galaskó Kft. (in Hungarian only)